So at the moment school’s got me all tied up. It seems tiring to write on here because I seem to be writing everywhere else, English, English extension, English extension two and following that two classes of History. I like writing essays. Did I give that away already?

But at this point it seems more like a chore. Writing on here that is, school has always been a chore. Only mufti days got me riled up to get there early, and even then I was able to shed a few tears. 

That doesn't stop the fact that I have stared blankly at this computer screen for what seems like forever, and that I have been home for the last 2 weeks, not going out nor seeing my friends and feel like I haven't conquered anything studying wise. I graduate in exactly 13 days and that seems so far fetched. The days are going so slow and so fast at the same time. Everything that I have hated and loved over the last 13 years is coming to an end and its so hard to comprehend. I have felt like an adult since I was 14, and craved being older for so long. Apparently emotionally, I'm the age of a toddler. But none the less this is such a massive step and its happening at the speed of light and in slow mo at the same time.  

School has taught me so much about myself, about my will power and resilience and how to fight back. I use to document a few adventures on here, or if your an OG on BONES. I have transformed and changed into new and completely different people along the way, keeping, shedding and learning values that I never though imaginable. I have met so many people that I cant wait to share more memories with, and others I cant wait to get rid of. School has provided a safe and war zone for me and its so strange to think there is a whole world out there that i’m about to fully commit myself to. Scary but so inviting, so exciting. So much to learn. So much to be and do and see. 

It feels like a transformation but at the same time this is just growing up, and I can bet on the fact that people in the years above me had these same anticipations and fears at this point, and so will those in the years below. 

I don’t have a big following, and even if I did I wouldn't feel the need to preach to it, but there’s a lot of things the people that do happen to follow me have taught me and explored with me along this journey. 

SO thank you, for watching me grow.